Friday, January 18, 2013

Fiverr Review - Fiverr a great business opportunity

What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr is a marketplace which offers freelancers or sellers an opportunity to showcase what they can do for $5. There is a wide variety of tasks you can do for $5 like social marketing, gifts, editing videos, editing photos, arts and handicrafts, writing, online marketing, translation jobs, graphics and designing, astrology and occult, tarot readings and much more. Fiverr provides a great business opportunity for people who can do these things. There is a great earning potential from fiverr as your business can get a kickstart from here and get your regular clients and customers depending on your quality of work. Neverthless you can just give it a try.

Fiverr is a platform for both buyers and sellers, if you want to get a job done or want to do some jobs in the above categories just sign up on fiverr and get started. It is a good business opportunity for earning some extra money above your main source of income and besides that you could get some regular customers from there.

Fiverr is a quality site which is concerned about the quality of jobs to be delivered. They rate their sellers in 3 Levels.
Level 1 people are those who have made atleast 10 sales with excellent ratings and track record. At this level you gain access to features that enable you to earn more and offer advance services.

Level 2 people are those who have made over 50 orders in past 2 months while maintaining excellent quality and good ratings. This feature also unlocks additional features allowing to increasing sales and getting priority support.

Level 3 People are chosen manually my moderators from the list of Level 2 sellers and they are called as "Fiverr Rockstars" or "Top Rated Sellers".
The criteria for choosing these sellers is as follows :-
  • seniority
  • volume of sales
  • extremely high ratings
  • good customer care
  • community leadership.
As a top rated seller you gain access to more features than first 2 levels along with VIP support.

So guys and gals, if you have the guts and the skills and want to make some money out of your talents, just head on to fiverr and sign up. If you work hard and dedicate enough effort and skill you will definitely get repeated gigs resulting in high volume of sales. A gig in fiverr language means "An order".
Even 20 gigs a month means 100$ which is not a bad income for a starter. Definitely a business opportunity worth  trying.

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Hope you like this Fiverr Review.

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