Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ebay India Reviews

Nobody needs introduction about Ebay, one of India's and the world's biggest online marketplace which helps people enable trading on national and international level. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses Ebay offers to its users an online platform through which millions of items and goods can be sold and are sold every single day. It is not only a online shopping portal but also a website which serves as a living to many people all over the world as it provides a "TRADING PLATFORM" for the people all over the world. Many people in the world are dependent on Ebay for their living and have established good businesses which they could not have established in their own place of birth or the place where they live. Ebay definitely provides a huge scope and exposure to your business all over the world. Being an online trading platform there are certain drawbacks which every site faces, which is fake sellers and cheaters. There is always a threat of such people no matter how reputed and trusted a website is, cheaters are spread all over the globe and can break every rules, but you don't need to worry as there is very less chance of getting cheated if you follow the guidelines or golden rules of shopping through ebay. It is also a buyers duty and responsibility to check the sellers and business houses with which they conduct purchases and sales. Ebay has various facilities like Paisapay, ebay seller ratings which help you immensely in having a hassle free shopping experience. The paisapay being the latest inclusion is a great relief from Ebay. It functions in this way, You pay the money to paisapay account and the seller ships the goods to you and after getting the delivery of goods, you notify paisapay of the purchase received only after which paisapay transfers the money to the seller and if you don't get the goods in a mentioned time frame, your money is refunded back to you without any claim or hassles for it. The only thing people should take care is purchase through a reputed seller who has good feedback ratings around 95-100%. Ebay India/ is also a great platform for those who want to establish their business or expand it by providing their services country wide or world wide. My friends and I have never had any complains so far from Ebay India for the goods and services purchased as long as they get the goods from reputed sellers or verified sellers. This responsibility lies with the buyer to verify the sellers properly before jumping in a deal, otherwise if used properly and wisely ebay is the best platform for sales and purchase of goods and services as well as for starting of your business and trade online, it will surely take your business to heights by giving you a new platform with a lot of exposure and opportunities online. Indeed Ebay is one of the great online marketplace where you can get anything at few clicks of your keyboards buttons from any nook and corner of your country or worldwide. For me Ebay India truly rocks.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mylot Reviews

Hello pals,

Now-a-days forums and discussion sites have started becoming more and more popular than social networking sites. Many people prefer to join these forums and discussion sites over social networking sites for many reasons. One main reason is that users get a variety of views and advices over discussions as these forums contain people from all the parts of the world. such forums help us to get a huge variety of opinions which is often fun. Some opinions can open up a whole new world of opportunities for us. This is the power of forums and discussion sites whereas social networking sites are limited to discussion with only friends you approve. What if you come to know that you are going to get paid for participating in discussion and there is no restriction on what kind of discussions you have no matter whatever topic it may be, you are going to be paid for participating there. I know your reaction will be like WOW ! Its great.

Mylot is one such site which pays you for participating in the discussions on any topics or any niche. There is no restriction whatsoever on what you should discuss. You can start discussions on any topics, be it your personal life as well as social life, about your dog, cat, bike, website, girlfriend, sex, travels, holidays, adventures. There is no limit ot the topics you can start there and at the same time enjoy different views and opionions of other people from all over the globe. Its always a fun to hear the views and opinions of different people and mylot provides this opportunity in the for of a social discussion forum which unites people from all over the globe and brings them together to share each other's views and enjoy each other's topics.

Mylot is not only limited to a discussion forum but it is also a place where you can gain a lot of knowledge about different things and different opportunities all over the world with a lot of people willingly sharing it. You can even start a discussion on something which you want to know and "looooooooo" you will find a iota of replies pouring in to your started topic. Such is the power of mylot and hold on guys. Did I tell you that you can earn money by doing all this stuff ? Yes Mylot pays you just for doing whatever you want, The earnings won't be substantial but they are decent enough to pay off your bills and fit your pocketmoney. Many people who come with the intention to earning money as a primary one fall in love with the site and forget the money thing and start participating in the discussions there. Its a real fun to be a part of such a wonderful site where you can make friends all over the world, share each other's views, find new opportunities and horizons and above all get a thrilling experience. I personally rate mylot 10/10 and I hope that you will also enjoy being a part of such a wonderful site.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snapsort Review - A website which compares the latest Digital cameras and gives recommendations.

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to introduce you to a wonderful website called "Snapsort". Snapsort is a website which provides one of the best digital camera comparison's along with the specifications in such a way that even a complete newbie understands them easily. Many of the people looking out for a camera don't even know the meaning and use of the "terms" mentioned in the "specifications" of a camera and they end up buying things which they do not really require. In snapsort the best part is that you will get explanations for each terms like "difference between pentaprism viewfinders and penta-mirror viewfinders", What is "shutter speed" and "Aperture values" and how they are used. You can get the explanations to these questions all while reading the reviews, All you have to do is to take your cursor on this Blue button below and click for the explanation.
And whoaaaaaaaa you will get wonderful explanations which would add to your technical knowledge which you can flaunt among your friends. This definitely helps in getting the basics about camera right and in turn helps you to make a choice in Purchasing digital cameras according to your needs. It was this site where I got to know about the meanings of those technical things like aperture, shutter speeds, viewfinders, resolution, pixel density, image quality etc. I have been extremely fond of this site since then and been using it for getting recommendations and reviews and comparisons.

Another wonderful thing is that if you have a specific budget and you want to know all the possible options which would fit in your budget snapsort again comes handy as they have a dedicated link/page for recommendations and options of cameras in your budget. See this example, I used their link to get recommendations of DSLR camera's within the budget of $ 500 and snapsort gave me a whole lot of options along with the pros and cons of DSLR cameras in that budget. Here is the link below :=

There are many other wonderful features that this website offers for everyone right from beginners to experts and hence I hold them in high regards as one of the best websites out there. You won't get such high class service from any other website. They have just simplified each and every process/step for visitors so that the visitors can make the best use of snapsort and get the best recommendations, reviews, comparisons, advices for themselves which would help them immensely to make their purchases worth. I think you will be more than satisfied after you visit snapsort once and will keep going to that site again and again for best recommendations, This is what I have been doing from the day I first visited them :).

Here is the link to Snapsort :-

Thanks and Regards,
Desai Ashish.