Monday, April 11, 2011

Buxify Reviews / Buxify Scam or legitimate.

Buxify is a paid-to-click program where you can earn money for viewing advertisements. It is a site where users are paid to view advertisements placed by advertisers. Buxify is a profit sharing site which shares the profits in the form of daily dividends. Every user receives a certain amount of dividend once in a day. The rate of dividend in buxify is different for each member and depends upon the "Account balance" of the member. They term it as "Buxify Dollars". The more buxify dollars/account balance you have the more is the amount of dividends you earn daily. Buxify requires you to invest in order to earn money. You can cash out 130% of your investment which means if you invest 100$ you can cashout 130$. Free users cannot receive cashouts from buxify, but they can use their accumulated buxify dollars to advertise within the site or get a free "Iron Upgrade" when they accumulate 25 buxify dollars.

There are several misunderstandings about this site among people as this is a very different paid-to-click site. They have a very different concept from other paid-to-click sites which most people don’t understand and that results in loss of money for them after which they start labelling buxify as "SCAM". But Buxify is a quite legitimate and trusted site and this is a true fact which people need to know. You need to upgrade/invest atleast 2-3 times to start deriving profits. Members usually start making profits from the 3rd or 4th upgrade. In buxify the main focus should be on increasing your account balance which is termed as "buxify dollars". The more buxify dollars you have the more dividends you will earn everyday.

Buxify offers 9 levels starting with "Iron" and going to "Trader". Minimum investment required to start receiving payout is 10$. At the first level of "Iron member" you will earn 0.65 cents per click for 200 clicks. This generates your 13$ which is 130% of your investment and if you click on the 201th advertisement your upgrade gets over and you wil stop accumulating dividends until you upgrade once again. Buxify provides 10 fixed ads daily which will bear different click rates according to the upgrade levels. The Rest of the levels and benefits are as follows :-

The rest of the levels are as follows:

Copper - $20 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $26 payment (referrals make you .007 per click).

Bronze - $50 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $65 payment (referrals make you .007 per click).

Silver - $100 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $130 payment (referrals make you .007 per click).

Palladium - $200 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $260 payment (referrals make you .01 per click).

Gold - $500 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $650 payment (referrals make you .01 per click).

Platinum - $1000 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $1300 payment (referrals make you .02 per click).

Diamond - $2000 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $2600 payment (referrals make you .03 per click).

Trader - $5000 buy-in for 200 clicks/will generate $6500 payment (referrals make you .05 per click).

So from this information you can see that buxify does not require you to rent referrals like other paid-to-click sites. You can earn 130% of your investment without renting a single referral on buxify. Isn’t it a great ? Other Paid-to-click sites require you to rent referrals if you want to recover your investment and they can even make you loose your money but in buxify that is no the case. Referrals if rented will be yours forever and there is no need to extend them each month like you do in other paid-to-click sites.

Buxify is a 100% legitimate site. To start earning profits from buxify, user should properly study and understand their concept. Every user should join buxify forums and properly understand the concept before investing money. You will start making profits once you understand their concept. This review should be helpful to readers because it provides helpful insights about the working of buxify. I hope that readers will like this review and also benefit from the valuable information which is being provided in the article.



Friday, April 1, 2011

Factoidz Review / Reviews

Earning money through Writing has now-a-days become trend. The number of Freelance writers has increased tremendously in the past decade. Many people look forward to Freelance writing as a source of "Residual Income". Others try their hand at writing to earn "Extra Money". Internet has provided people with great writing platforms where they can show their skill to the world free of cost and at the same time earn money from it. The income is residual, recurring like your salary. Articles keep generating money as they get more traffic and exposure. You are paid for that traffic and exposure your article generates. There are many sites like Triond, Bukisa, Helium, Associated content, Demand studios etc. But FACTOIDZ stands out from all of them due to the high pay rate they offer to their writers. They also pay upfront bonus to you for just submitting an article. Not only do they pay you handsomely but they even promote you to the "Staff writer" and "Featured Writer" levels once you submit certain number of Quality articles.

This article is all about Factoidz review and I have tried to present all the facts and figures in an unbiased manner after having done enough research over this topic. Here is a list of some pros and cons for Factoidz :-

Pros :-

1> Factoidz has a large amount of traffic from search engines as well as their own community which ensures that your articles get proper exposure over the web.

2> Their Alexa rankings for Fatoidz is 9726 with more than 23000 indexed pages on Google and more than 1 lakh indexed pages on yahoo which means you articles stand to get a lot of exposure on the web.

3> You get activity bonus for each additional article you publish in a month and the size of each bonus depends on the average performance in traffic and SEO rankings

4> Factoidz offers product review assignments and article assignments to its users which are completely optional. These assignments and product reviews earn very high rates on traffic and they also enable you to earn cash bonus from 8-20$ per article. Once your articles and reviews are accepted you are offered a cash bonus fron 8-20$ as decided.

5> The editors there are a a real friendly people, if your article does not meet their standards they return it back with suggestions for making improvements, which means you get a chance to edit the article and submit it again. Other sites reject articles directly if they don't meet their standards.

6> They also have a forum where experts try to solve your queries from time to time and the best part is factoidz gives you a chance to write articles on topics that are raised in the forums in form of questions. E.g. If somebody asks, "Is Speak Asia a scam" ? You can write an article on that post in the form of answer and submit to factoidz.

7> You get upgraded to staff writer levels after you have 20 articles on factoidz and Staff writers earn more money and commissions than normal writers which is a great feature. You are also eligible to get a Featured Writer promotion if your articles turn out to b exceptional and high ranking in search engines.

Cons :

1> They only pay through Paypal which is bad for users whose countries don't accept paypal.

2> They are very strict about product reviews assignments and article assignments. You may loose the rights to take up those assignments if you do not complete them properly with grammatical accuracy or present the facts according to their standards.

3> Recently there have been a lot of complains of staff and featured writers that their articles are being deleted and some are demoted to basic level.

4> Upfront bonuses have been decreasing as per factoidz writers.

Overall Factoidz is a wonderful website for everyone including new writers who are good at writing and want to earn money through it. Your articles will generate more money than it does on any other sites like Triond, Bukisa, Wikinut etc. I earned around 5 dollars for only 2 articles I had in the first month, while it took me more than 2-3 months on triond to earn a mere 50 cents inspite of having more than 10 articles there. Today my total income from Factoidz counts to 40$ for just 5 articles. My Friend earns around 100$ from Factoidz alone as she has around 100 articles submitted. Even if you earn around a dollar for a single article you get 100$ every month. Hence Factoidz definitely has more earning potential than any other freelance writing site.

I hope that you find this Review as very helpful and beneficial. If you are looking forward to earn money through writing articles You Can check out Factoidz Here