Monday, December 5, 2011

Review - The Dirty Picture Review

The dirty picture Introduction
Loosely inspired from the "Real life story" of south siren "Silk Smitha", The dirty picture is a really hot movie which will force you to take cold showers after the show.
Directed by Milan Luthria the film is actually based on the career of "Silk Smitha", a Tamil and Telugu film dancer who rose to prominence in 1980's because of her roles in sexy numbers.
Director Milan Luthria has done a commendable effort to authenticate the period of 1980's by bringing in retro outfits, kitschy sets, vintage cameras, maruti 800's and premiere padminis. Dirty picture seems to be actually set in the times of silk smitha's era in 1980's.
Released on 2nd December 2011, the Movie has already made 30.32 crore in just 2 days.

The film is based on the story of a village girl reshma (vidya balan), who runs away from her husbands house and lands in the world of cinema hoping to become a star. She tries to get a role in a movie but is insulted by the director for being unattractive and useless. After a lot of struggle she gets a chance to play a small role of a female dancer where she has to wear revealing outfits and dance with whips. Her bold dancing steps and seductive looks bring in a lot of male audience to theaters and reshma becomes an overnight sensation.

The small town starry eyed girl is transformed into silk smitha - a sex symbol, an item girl who is ready to take the tamil film industry by a storm. In the meanwhile Silk meets her idol suryakant (Naseeruddin shah) who ignores her at first but later falls for her and gives her the much desired break in the Tamil film industry. Within no time Silk's fame and stardom outshines suryakant's.

Jealous of her success, suryakant starts to insult her at public places and leaves her heart broken one night saying that she is a dirty secret and no one wants to talk about her in broad daylight.

There after suryakant's younger brother, writer ramakant (Tushar kapoor) falls in love with silk and plans to marry her. Even silk agrees for the proposal thinking that there is someone who loves her and not her body, but due to her over abusive nature, Ramu also ditches her.

Despite all the fame and adulation, silk is torn between love and betrayal and ends up becoming alcoholic and a chain smoker. She decides to produce her own film but loses all her money in the venture. With no offers left and her position replaced by other item girls silk's career takes a backseat when Abraham (Emraan Hashmi), a director who hates her to the core, starts liking her and tries to get things in place for her. But its too late now.

The Dirty Picture, despite the comprehensive objectivity implied through its title, is not a full-fledged biopic. Instead of painting a layered portrait of Silk, it draws an outline of an unapologetic resident of a flesh-obsessed film industry responsible for her rise and ruin. But Vidya lends her so much transparency, aplomb and sauciness, the outcome is far more awe-inspiring than it deserves to be.

Whether she's cracking crude innuendos or bursting out of her tightly-fitted clothing to expose all those meticulously added calories, the actress, literally, puts her soul and body to embody Silk. In a world, where a majority of women obsess over a flat stomach above anything else, Vidya flaunts a protruding belly as though it didn't exist. Such commitment would impress anybody -- you, me, anyone :)).

Cast of the film
Vidya Balan as Reshma and later Silk Smitha.
Naseeruddin Shah as Suryakant.
Tushar Kapoor as Ramakant.
Emraan Hashmi as Abraham.
Anju Mahendru as Naila.
Rajesh sharma as Selvaganesh.

Directed by Milan Luthria.
Produced by Shobha and Ekta kapoor.