Friday, August 12, 2011

Alertpay Reviews - Alertpay the next best payment processor to paypal.

Alertpay was founded in 2004 by Firoz and Ferhan Patel in Montreal, Canada with a mission to simplify instant online transactions. Since then Alertpay has emerged as world's leading payment processors. Spread over 190 countries and 8000 users signing up daily, Alertpay is one of the safest and convenient payment processors for your online transactions. I thought of writing a review on Alertpay because I have been using it personally since past 3 years without any problem. With a lot of people getting troubled by paypal, the need to have a back-up payment processor has arose and its high time people should consider using Alertpay as a back-up to paypal or primary payment processor as per their wish.

Here is what you can do with Alertpay :-

  • send remittances
  • exchange currency
  • earn money
  • manage an online business
  • shop online with a credit card
  • send invoices
  • deposit and withdraw money
  • pay salaries, commisions, referral rewards and bonuses.
  • work under your company name
  • expand your customer base.
Alertpay gives you option to open 3 types of accounts, they are as follows :-

Personal starter account :- A perfect account to send and receive money.  Monthly receiving limit of this account is upto 400$ and a cumulative lifetime receiving limit of 2000$. You can use this account to shop online securely  and use credit cards for payments. Sending and receiving money is free.

Personal Pro account :- This account gives you access to numerous online selling tools to help you succeed on the web. Receiving fee is 2.5 % + 0.25$ per transaction. You can accept credit card payments. You also get website payment, buy-now buttons, subscription and recurring payments. Can send payment to group of people with Mass pay facility. You get instant payment notification to your servers.

Business account :- This account is tailored to meet all the needs of your online business. If you are managing a business, under a business name, this account is for you. The benefits you get are more or less similar as the personal pro account with some additional facilities for business purpose. Transaction fees are same as personal pro account.

I have written this review because I have personally been using Alertpay since 3 years and never had a issue and I also know many business websites who have been using Alertpay with great satisfaction. They introduced paypal but, often paypal's system creates problem for people and in such cases an alternative payment processor could be of immense help for you to keep your business going without any distractions.

Update:-  Alertpay has changed its name to Payza.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bose corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose. He was a professor of electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology then in 1950's. When you buy a Bose Product, you become a valued life-long customer. Bose has built its reputation creating high performance Audio products and since then there business is still growing across boundaries.

Bose Quiet comfort 3 headphones has the following features :-

  • These headphones have high performing noise reduction for travel work and home.
  • Clarity of sound is very superior.
  • They are comfortable and light weight to fit your ears.
  • They run on re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries. These are included with the Bose quiet comfort 3 series along with the charger.
  • Built quality is superb and there is no compromise anywhere with respect to that.
  • Battery life is around 25 hours per charge with 500 recharging cycles.
  • Additional accessories are available according to your wants.
Bose quiet comfort 3 is perfect for those who prefer a compact on-ear design and re-chargeable batteries. You can purchase these headphones at 0% interest and as low as 30$ per month.