Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fileserve review / Fileserve reviews

Fileserve is another file hosting site which has been in business for a few months now. Let us see what they have to offer and how it fares in the review for new users.

1] Fileserve pay for all countries.
2] There are no levels which is great for major population of affiliates.
3] Remote upload plugins for most of the leading sites.
4] Fast and effective support. Yes, they are caring for customers.
5] Have been on top since its launch. Good script used and good earning, you need not select mode of earning as that of other host such as Filesonic. You will get money for almost every activity.
6] Remote uploads are not restricted to Premiums only.
7] Detailed stats.

1] Remote upload and other methods are quite slower, status of being uploaded files only shows pending. It do not give any more details such as how much percentage of file is uploaded
2] Many times stats lag behind by a day or two but it do not have any effect on earnings.
3] Renaming single file every time really sucks.
4] Some times in remote upload, file URL's are not accepted even if they are correct. It can be overcome by renaming files on remote servers, if possible.
5] File manager needs to be more sophisticated as per user requirement.
6] Filesonic2Fileserve remoting is blocked. Scheme as that of Duckload should be implemented.
7] It is hard to find download link for free members who are new, too much crowded page. Page should be more carefully designed taking precaution that it does not hide main Download button.[more like hotfile, Deposit, megaupload.]